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Hacktoberfest Is Over

31th October 2022 by Aaron Rackley

Hacktoberfest 2022 is over!!!

Wow, that went so quick. It feels like only yesterday that we opened up our new repo to the masses via Hacktoberfest and we could not be more proud with what amazing work the community has done. So lets take a moment and look at some stats.

What happened?

  • 70 Brand New Contributors
  • 418 Commits
  • 222 Files Changed
  • 30,350 Additions
  • 6,209 Deletions
  • 155 Merged Pull Requests
  • 79 Closed Issues
  • 68 Times Forked
  • 37 Stars
  • 3,359 Views of the project
  • 1,130 Clones of the project

So what changed?

The amazing contributors pushed the project further along than I thought it would personally be at this stage. Here is just some of that amazing work.

  • Tons of new mocked data endpoints
  • Testing was added for all endpoints
  • Open API Comments added for all endpoints
  • Contribution and setup guides added.
  • Discord community has grown with developers helping shape the project.
  • and tons more


If you have an open source project it would be stupid for you not to get yourself involved with #hacktoberfest it is a great way to not only get people involved in your project but also to get eyes on your project. A few people have reached out and said this is something they have been looking for.

So a very very big Thank You to everyone that was involved in Hacktoberfest and I hope you stay apart of the project as we move forward towards our first release.